miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008


Is the American dream really a dream, or is it a nightmare? Many Mexicans think that if they work in the USA they will have more opportunities to be better, for this reason they try to cross the frontier between Mexico and the USA many times without permission. The principal problem is that some people die trying to obtain this dream. This problem requires serious action from the government.

The principal causes are the employment, the salary and personal improvement. Many people do not have a job and they try to obtain it wherever. Also in Mexico the salary is lower than in the USA and dollars have greater value than pesos. The majority of the people who decide to go to the USA think that they will be better and will have more valuable things.

There are many effects that the people that try to cross the frontier suffer. One important is the following, it is very difficult to cross the frontier and immigration is so cruel with the people who try to cross and sometimes these people die. Families try to cross, sometimes they travel with their children and they risk their lives for all the dangers that exist when crossing. The majority of the people who can cross have a hard work and frequently they do not have rights in theirs jobs, for this reason they suffer discrimination.

There are many solutions that the government could do to eradicate this problem however one of the principal solutions which could avoid that the people change their hometown is that the government creates more employments and with better salaries. Other solution could be that people have more access to study, for this the government could build more schools, universities, and so on; principally in rural areas, so that people can have a better education and will have a better job with better salaries without the need of traveling to the USA.

In conclusion, the problem may be solved with actions of the Mexican government like creating employment and better education; the USA government can help too. It should not be ignored because it is a serious problem for Mexico.

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