jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008

COMPARATIVE ESSAY: Lemons and Apples

Do you know the differences between apples and lemons? Lemons and apples have an obvious difference that is the color, the special flavor, the season where they grown, and also the price, one is more expensive that the other. They also have some remarkable differences in the special dishes that we can make with them, the vitamins that they contain, and the health benefits that they provide.
The firs difference are the special dishes that we can make with lemons and apples. The lemon gives a good flavor to food that come from animals, in addition, it is used like an adornment in seafood, also for special beverages, and to make delicious water with lemon flavor. On the other hand, with apples we can make dishes such as: cakes, pies, gelatines, delicious jams, juices, and other special dishes.
The second difference are the vitamins. The nutritional value of the lemon is elevated, because it has vitamin C, Potasium, and Iron, similar to the orange. While de apple contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, and fibers.
The third difference are the health benefits that each fruits has. Lemon prevents and helps to reduce many illnesses like: stomach problems, obesity, indigestions, gastritis, heart diseases, cancer, smallpox, amont others. In contrast, the apple acts like: sedative, anticholesterol, against rheumatic diseases, cleans teeth, detoxifies the body, has an antiviral property, and it avoids muscular pains, etc.
Lemons and Apples have remarkable differences like the dishes thatwe can make with them, the vitamins, and the health benefits that each fruit provides. We should take advantage of these two delicious fruits in any season of the year to be healthy.

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