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Do you know which one is the common reason why young people die? I think one of the most common reasons why young people die is just because young people drink and drive at the same time. Drinking and driving at the same time is one of the biggest causes of death. Every year we have many tragical accidents with drunk people. However, we have to find one solution to stop this serious problem.

Drinking and driving is a really bad combination because you can lose the car control. Usually young people go to parties or night clubs and drink a lot, after that, they take their cars and start to drive. Driving faster is a bad choice if they are drunk. They are never responsible to run. They never respect any signal, so they never respect the velocity limit.

Young people die bacause they don't have conscience about their actions. They lose the conscience about the issue that they have to take care about their own life and also of the life of the people who are with them, and they never think about the other people who are driving safely to go home. This kind of people never think about what responsability is, they only think about living the moment and they never think about the consequences of their acts.

Drinking is not a bad idea if you don't drive. Every time that you have plans to drink, it is important to think about your safety. The results of drinking and driving at the same time are fatal and they can lose their life. Everybody has to help to create conscience in young people for not doing that. Recently, the government has created some programs to give a hard punishment to this kind of people.

So, to conclude, I'm sure that drinking and driving at the same time is a big problem. For that reason, I agree with government and also with the people who call the police when they see somebody driving wrong, because this cause of death has to be stopped. Everybody has to think about our safety.


Do you smoke? If you do, it is really important to know some things about the damage done in your body by smoking. In our days is very common to see people smoking and sometimes under age people. Smoking a lot causes some effects like lung and mouth cancer, ulcers and also the passive smokers can be damged by people who smoke.

One of the effects is lung cancer and also mouth cancer. Those kinds of illnesses are very pitiful. Cancer is considered like a slow death. The lung cancer is the effect of smoking, is when you lose the capacity to breath right. The lungs lose their capacity of expansion, the expansion that they need to work right. So, when people have lung cancer is really difficult to breath for them. So, they have to recieve special attention in the hospital, they have to be conected to an artificial breathing. So, as I said, it is a slow death.

Another effect caused by smoking and thats cause a lot of damage are ulcers. This kind of illness is produced by smoking. Cigarette smoke produces serious damages in the stomach. Ulcers are a cause of death if they are not detected on time. So all smokers have to be careful if they feel frequent stomachaches. Nobody pays attention to this kind of symthomps, but if you have an ulcer you coul be in risk of dying.

Many people result damaged by cigarettes, but this kind of people smoke indirectly. The passive smokers recieve damage by people who smoke next to them. In many cases passive smokers have many deseases produced by smokers. Passive smokers sometimes never know the effects of breathing cigarette smoke.

To conclude, smoking is bad for your health, because it produces a lot of damage and in extreme cases: the death. Smoking is like a slow death, so if you are smoker, you are in risk, you are dying, so be careful with that.


Can you remember your best experince in another country? Last summer (in 2007), I traveled to the United States for working and spending some time with my friends.

I stayed two months in that country. I decided to travel because I wanted to do something different. I was bored about all my daily activities, so I decided to take the risk. I traveled alone for getting a job in the same company than a friend of mine. Traveling to the United States was one of the best experiences that I ever had.

When I arrived to the United States, a friend of mine went to pick me up. So, I went to his house for leaving my luggage, and for taking a shower. After that, we went to a restaurant and we spent a nice time talking about our lives. At night, we went to a nice night club. I had a very nice day, but I was tired, so we decided to comeback to the house.

In the following days, I got a job. I was working for Mc Donald's in the mornings, from 8 am to 3 pm. I really enjoyed my job because I met many people from USA and another countries. Sometimes I worked in the Drive-thru window, other times in the kitchen, and also in the front of the store. I had a good schedule because I was busy only in the mornings, so I had much free time in the afternoons.

On my free time, I did my daily activities like cleaning the house, washing my clouths and so on. After finishing our activities, we used to have parties in the house. Sometimes we used to go out to different restaurants, and some weekends we traveled to another state named Loussiana. There we had a good time at the Casino, and some other times at a night club too.

So, in conclusion, I think it was a nice trip, because I met new people from many places. Besides, I did everything that I wanted, because I had to take my own desicions.

sábado, 7 de junio de 2008

Comparative Essay


San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes are very similar in many ways. But what are some differences between them? These differences are in weather, in some holidays that each city has, also they are different in the behavior of their citizens, and the last difference is in the way that each city celebrates its fair.

The first difference between San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes is the weather. In San Luis Potosí the weather is mild. In summer and spring time is hot. In autumn is cold but is colder in winter. Aguascalientes has a more extreme weather. When is hot is really hot in summer and spring time. And is colder in autumn with a lot of wind, and even colder in winter than San Luis Potosí.

About holidays each city celebrates special days on their way. For example on Friday Easter in San Luis Potosí people make a “Procesión del Silencio” that is to recreate Christ’s passion in a procession. In Aguascalientes there is the “Romeria´s day” in Easter week. On that day, the drivers of buses and taxies carry flowers to the Asuncion’s virgin.

The behavior of people varies between San Luis Potosí and Aguascalientes citizens. In San Luis people are more impolite with foreigners and not too religious. In contrast Aguascalientes´ citizens are more well-educated and friendly with tourists. Also they go to church every Sunday.

These two cities celebrate their fairs on their way. In San Luis Potosí is in August and its facilities are in a close perimeter with specific areas. Another thing is that in this fair you can not drink everywhere just in a specific area. On the other hand Aguascalientes fair is in different outdoor places and you can drink everywhere. Its like a big party.

Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosí are cities with a lot of common things. However in many aspects they are pretty different as we saw; the weather, the way in that each one celebrates special dates, the behavior of their inhabitants and their fairs. The truth is that both cities belong to México and share traditions on their way.

Narratie Essay


I had never been happier, more exited, and at the same time more frightened in one single day. I was 12 years old, when I with my childhood friends: Paco, Santiago, Nicaragua, César, Brenda and Ivan. This summer day started early full of fun and finished late with a frightening ending.

It was 9 am and I was sleeping when I heard that in my window, some stones were thrown up by Santiago and Paco. They were singing in loud voice to wake me up. I dressed up fast and I went to them. That morning I had a very friendly wake up. A very happy and funny morning was to start.

We went to our other friends. All together played with balloons filled with water throwing among each other. Finally, we seemed like a “soup”, consequently; we agreed about going to our house and take a shower. That summer morning was so exciting that we decided to do other things.

In the afternoon my friends and I went to Carl´s Jr. but to get there, on the way, we got lost among the streets. After so much time we arrived to the fast food restaurant. We had dinner, played jokes and almost started a “food fight” among us. Then we come back to our homes.

At night we were playing outside in the streets again. It was like 11 p.m. and we were playing hide and seek. Everybody was found, the only one that was missing was Paco. So all of us screamed his name along the street, but nothing happened.

In the street there was an empty house, that before that day, we had opened to play. We thought that he was there due to we saw a shadow of a boy running in the stairs. We yelled at him, and suddenly Paco went out of his house saying that he was in the bathroom. My friends and I were freaked out and after that, each one went to home.

We will never know who that shadow was. A very frightening night was that one. There is no doubt that, that summer day was so special. To sum up, it was the perfect summer day, a day full of funny experiences, with a meal with joke taste, and a chilling hide and seek. It was a memorable day with all the “flavors” in it.

Problem Solution Essay


The last years in the whole World the obesity in children has been increasing in an alarming way. Now a days many countries are trying to do something to make their children’s life healthier. Obesity affects psychologically and physically that is why we need to change this situation. The problem of obesity in children can be solved by doing a nutritional culture at an early age and an exercise program for elementary school.

First of all I’m going to talk about the physical and psychological effects of obesity in children. Physically children’s health is affected by a variety of illnesses like hypertension, diabetes or fatigue in excess. Psychologically the most important effects are depression and low self-esteem. These both effects have a direct impact in the way in which children are going to interact with society.

There are many things that we can do to stop obesity but the most important is to create a nutritional culture at an early age. That is to implement in elementary school certain rules about the kind of food that can be sold. For example just fruit and nutritious meals. It is difficult to achieve this goal, but it is not impossible with the help of the government.

Also; an exercising program is needed. It should be implemented in elementary school as a complement o the nutritional culture for children. This program must arouse a sport spirit in them through sport clubs, which are going to be free. But these activities will be obligatory in public schools and with a minimum of 4 hours per week. It is certain that this can work.

As we saw, obesity in children can be solved by taking action in the nutritional education of children and in the way that they see sports. And as a result, children in the world are going to grow healthier and with a different mentality about what they should and shouldn’t eat, and what they have to do to keep their body and mind healthy.


My last vacation was surprising for me. I went to Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with all my family. First, when I arrived at the hotel. I could know it. Second, when I swam in the pool. I could play with my family. Finally, when I arrived in the beach. I could meet new people. For these reasons my last vacation was very funny for me.

When I arrived at the hotel, I didnt know what I could do. First I decided to kow my room. It had a lot of things and a terrace where I could see the beach. Then I went to know the pool it was beautiful and big. Then I talked with an employee, and she told me about the activities that I could do there. Consequently I knew that this hotel was wonderdful.

After, when I was swiming in the pool, it was funny. I played a lot of games. I went to an aerobics class in the pool for doing exercise. Then I played volley ball with my family. Later, I had a swiming race with my sister.

Next, when I played in the beach, it was relaxing for me.I played volley ball and soccer and I lost in both games. Then I rode a banana in the sea and it was wonderful because I could see fish. Finally, I took the sun and I put a tatoo in my leg. Also I could eat different kinds of fish.

To conclude my last vacation was wonderful for me. I am never going to forget it. In particular because my family and I spent glad time full of hapiness and fun.


Water abuse is rife in all the world. Billions of dollars are spent inernationally preventing water abuse with campaigns like commercials and conferences. So the effect of the water abuse can be combated succesfully with these compaigns. This essay is going to expalin the effects of the water abuse in all the world and suggests some solutions to the problem. So the problems are a lot and we have to find a solution.

Water abuse causes multiples problems for countries and communities. Pollution and the waste of water is causing lack of water. People dont think when they are throwing garbage in the rivers or in the sea. Also many companies like PEMEX are causing water pollution with chemicals. Peolple are wasting water in many ways like when they are taking shower or when they are washing the dishes.

However the menace of running out of water can be solved . Education is the first battle . Children need to be told at home and in school about lack of water . People need to be aware of the effects so that they can avoid this problem. A second approach is to invent a program where people and companies dont create pollution in the water. However the main target should be the user. Families and counselors need to talk with children and people at risk, because maybe in the furure we wont have water for our sons or for our grandsons.

In conclusion, the problem of lack of water may seem impossible to eliminate, there are some solutions that can solve this problem. Also you will have to take care of the water abuse. so you need to increase your education concerning water.


A night of pleasure can become a nightmare. The most common way to get AIDS is by having sex. However, you can get AIDS by infected blood, sharing injections, and pricking by a needle. The effects of AIDS are seen in discrimination, in the family, and in the organizations and their employees.
One effect of this illness is the discrimination. People with AIDS los self-steem, get feelings of guilt and shame. They isolate ofthe medical attention that they need, because they have fear of the negative reaction that they may receive from other people. As a result, isolation increases, because of the feeling of "Being alone with ADIS". The discrimination of certain groups obligate them to hide from the society. Moreover, they can lose their job, because their colleagues do not have the enough knowledge, and they have fair to get AIDS.
AIDS also has a negative effect in families. The families have to sell material things to get the money to support the person with AIDS, and they must have to get an economic loan. Furthermore, the family has to pay the funeral expenses. In many cases, the medical attention expenses are associated with AIDS finishing with thesavings of the whole family, and finally they do not have money to support themselves during a season.
The third effect of AIDS is in the organizations and their employees. The organizations suffer a decrease of incomes, because of the employees with AIDS are unable to go to their jobs. Consequently, the organizations have less production. The employers must hire new employees, but many of them do not have the enough experience to do those jobs.
To conclude, the effect of AIDS are: discrimination, problems within the family and the organizations with their employees. In my opinion, I think that there will be more deaths as a result of AIDS. However, there is the possibility that scientists discover a patent treatment against this illness.

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Nowadays pollution is a big problem in the world. Many people and many companies are searching and creating new programs and strategies for avoiding pollution. Also the goverment is trying to find a solution. So it is iportantto know what we are doing with our world. The effects of pollution are a lot but the main ones are the ozone pollution, the death of the nature and then illnesses.

Ozone pollution is the biggest problem. Ozone pollution is really an increase in the concentration of ozone in their air at uv ground level. Because the sunlight has a critical role in its formation, ozone pollution is principally a daytime problem in the summer months. Ground-level ozone is produced when sunlight combines with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxide, two compunds produced by cars, trucks, factories, and power generating plants and found wherever gasoline,diesel or natural gas are combusted. So these gases are going to affect our life.

Another effect is that the nature is dying. Some air pollutants harm plants and animals directly. Other pollutants harm the habitat, food or water that plants and animals need to survive. When air pollution causes acid rains, plants that rely on rain water to live and grow are endangered. However all these pollutants are causing changes to the places where plants and animals live around the world.

The next effect are illnesses. People have no choice but to breathe the air around them. When it is polluted, they breathe in ozone, particles, and harmful gases that can hurt their lungs, heart and overall health. Air pollution can cause burning eyesand breathing problems, such as asthma or severe bronchitis. Also ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer.

In conclusion, pollution is really a big problem in the world beacuse it is causing ozone depletion, nature dying and many different illnesses. People are creating new projects that will be good for the humanity. But If we dont take conscience about these problems, maybe in the future we will have more problems. So we need to try to avoid pollution.


Have you ever felt the emotion when you are going to see to your favorite band alive in a concert. This story is about when I went to “Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico city, for see one of my favorite bands “PXNDX”. Let me tell you it unbelievable experience that I will never forget.

The day was near, it was ten days for the concert, and all the days I asked my father for permission and the money. One day after he was saying the same thing, my father finally said “yes”, and he gave me the money. He told me that it was the gift for my birthday. I was so happy and I immediately called my friend for saying about the news. The next day we bought the ticket and only were for the big concert missing two days.

We couldn’t believe that we would be in the most waited place, so on Saturday November 26th , we never thought that in few hours, we would sing all the song of our favorite band. My friend and I were so excited but when we were on the subway, almost arriving to the “Auditorio Nacional”, the subway was overcrowded and we were so nervous.

When we arrived to the “Auditorio Nacional”, we sat in the chairs, and we were waiting for the band to go out. The lights turned off and all the auditory screamed like crazy people for the band. The orchestra began to play one of my favorite songs. Pepe, the singer appeared in the scene. That moment was so awesome and exciting for me, and all the place was singing each one of the songs. The singer said the surprise of the night, it was that they would record a CD with DVD of all the concert. I was so crazy for the big news and my friend began to cry.

That night was so cool. All the concert was a big experience for me and I was so excited. At the end, we bought some souvenirs from the concert, like a shirt, some posters, a key ring and until a cup. The concert finished like 12 pm and we came back to our house with an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. I will remember this moment as if it had been yesterday.

EUTHANASIA (argumentative essay)

What happens when a patient has an incurable illness and decides for euthanasia? Would you do it if the patient were your relative? When people talk about euthanasia, they that it is a suicide or a rime, but it is easy for them because they have not faced with an incurable illness. People who has experienced this case say that euthanasia is the best option for the patient and the family. When tha patient has an incurable illness and is suffering, there are three reasons why family must choose the euthanasia.

One reason to choose euthanasia is because the patient is suffering. It is better becuase they have less sufferance. Sometimes when patients have the opportunity to decide if they want euthanasia, the family should respect their decision. If they are choosing euthanasia is because they are suffering a lot illnesses like cancer or paralysis are very painful and traumatic, and when there is not cure for them it is better to practice euthanasia. Euthanasia is the way in which family could reduce the long and painful time before the patient dies.

Another important reason for which euthanasia is the best option is because it reduces family's sufferance. After the patient decides for euthanasia there are some families who don't want to do it, but they are harming the patient and themselves. When someone gets an incurable illnes is like the whole family were having yhe same. That is because parents, brothers, and all relatives must support the patient and they are living the illness with the patient. It should be better that the family chooses euthanasia for not to be suffering for a long time the patient and them.

Also the debts that relatives gat are why they and the patient should choose euthanasia. Incurable illness need a long treatment and expensive medicine to make the life's time longer. But they are wasting money to makje a longer-painful life. Cancer for example, its treatment is very expensive and it causes terrible second effects. When the patient dies, the relatives have to live paying all the debts. It could sound materialistic but when the patient has decided and there is not option, euthanasia is the last chance to stop the sufferance.

There are people who are against euthanasia because they consider euthanasia could be a murder. But euthanasia is a good option, the shortest way to die when you know that you are going to die. Euthanasia should be allowed in all the countries because it gives the patient an option to stop suffering.

There are many good reasons to accept euthanasia as the best option, it helps the patient, the family's patient, and the family's economy. I think euthanasia is the patient's choice and relatives should respect this decision. There are many countries where euthanasia is allowed and I think it is a right that everybody should have. If I were sick and without a chance of life, I would choose euthanasia, I think it could be beter for me and my family.

Global Warming

By Fernando Muro Nuñez (NOTE:PROPEDEUTICO "A")
Global Warming
Do you know that the north pole is going to melt in some years?
I remember when my hometown Aguascalientes,was un-polluted; If you did not know it, Global warming is the biggest issue that the earth is facing nowadays,(and there are many real examples) its principal characteristic is the unespected change of the climate and environment.

It has several causes like urbanization, lack of environmental education and the greenhouse effect; the urbanization has begun to grow very very fast reaching villages and little towns with transportation, pavement, these originated pollution that in the past did not exist.
Other cause is the lack of education that is affecting the earth indirectly like in the past this problem did not exist; the society is not familiare with this kind of issue, it is very difficult to create consience in old people.
The last cause is greenhouse effect, there is a group of substances that are needed by the atmosphere to keep the warmth of the earth; but everything in excess is wrong

Global Warming has lots of negative effects that are taking our planet to put it in danger like the radical changes of climate, the collapse of the countries and many human epidemies.
The first effect is the change of climate, one example is that the seasons of the year are out of control; e.g. in spring the strong warmth feels like in summer or in the fall you can feel the cold wind of winter.
The second effect is the sinking of the countries, this could sound hard but this is true, if we continue destroying the environment in some decades the north pole is going to dissolve in the ocean and the sea level is going to increase as a consequence some islands and coutries are going to dissapear.
Other effect is the begining of human epidemics because of the other two effects the humanity is going to be in danger and more disposed to get illnesses like a great variety of cancer, breathing issues, etc.

If each one continues like if there were not any problem we will see the effects of this horrible issue, so I propose to change our mind and open our eyes to the reality because there is not other solutions Talk to all the people that you know about it!!!

(cause-effect essay)

USA vs France

By Fernando Muro Nuñez (NOTE : PROPEDEUTICO "A")
Lets imagine if you have the possibility to choose between USA and France Which would you choose?
Exist a lot of contrasts between United States and France like their Customes, Monuments, Physical Chracteriscs even both are First World Countries.

The first difference is that in France exists a lot of customs because there is a very traditional country, there food is do it with a high quality, thats the reason why is named Gourmett Food.
However in United States exists an extense variety of food exists an extense variety of food because fast food rules in United States because all the people have a very busy life and they do not pay the same interest on the food.

The second difference is that in France the monuments are an essential part of the environment that surround the complete country , because there have had many artists and they are an emblematic of the city like Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Garden, Louvre museum, etc.
However in United States are less number of monuments one of the most important is the freedoom Statue And that monument is a gift from France.

The Last difference is that France is in the European continent and has a short length, the country has a lot of rivers, is overpopulated and shares borders with Spain, Portugal, Brucelas, etc.
Nevertheless United States has an extense length and is rich in sources, like nature there is the most cosmopolitan country in the world because there lived millions of people of different races; and USA shares borders with Mexico and Canada.

To Conclude United States and France have a long list of different chracteristics that make each country special even both have the best level of life.

(Comparative Essay)

The first time when I fell in love...

By Fernando Muro Nuñez
When you are in high school, six months can feel like forever. Just remember back to a week before graduation and how slow those last few days moved. I know it is hard to imagine but I dated someone for almost one year. Although there have been many life defining moments, breaking up with Viri was by far the biggest challenge I have ever had to face. My ability to move past her impacted my life in ways you cannot imagine.

Viri and I met in the summer of 2005 during a family reunion. At that moment I felt what it was like to have butterflies in my stomach and the racing heart when her eyes caught my own. I felt as if I were in a romantic movie, Or a chapter of a soupopera, even Ihate soupoperas. I fell harder andharder in love for her and she did the same. For the firsts months, I felt nothing could go wrong, yet I was oblivious.

Viri and I embarked on a 11 months relationship based on fighting and lack of trust. It became more of a chore, rather than a choice, to be together. There were too many nights of tears, rather than smiles. It is incredible how someone can be everything you want but can’t be at the same time. After way to long I realized that I no longer longed to be with Viri. I became dependent on Viri to make me happy. I needed her to be there all the time.

When Viri and I realized what it was we had become, I made the decision to leave behind that part of my life. It was that single conversation that changed my life dramatically. I realized after my decision how far from my friends I really had moved. I now know that true happiness comes from within a person, not based on another individual.

But now I felt me much better I guess that time cure any hurt, even though I would do it again, je je je!!!

(Narrative Essay)


Rock music has a lot of different gorgeous bands which represent this genre. Two of the most important ones are Kiss and Dream Theater. Even though, they have differences between each other.

One of these differences is the age of the bands, which makes them more experienced and well known by the fans. Kiss was born on 1973, meanwhile Dream Theater did it in the 80’s. That’s why Kiss has recorded 26
albums; on the other hand, Dream Theater has recorded the half of these, that is 13 albums.

The founders members of both bands nowadays are not the same. Both Kiss and Dream Theater have changed of members for different reasons, and also, another difference between these bands is that Kiss has always had 4 members whose names (of the original ones) are Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter. On the other hand, Dream Theater has 5, who are James, Mark, Jordan, John Petrucci and John Myung.

Another remarkable difference is the outfit. Meanwhile Dream Theater perform with classic rock clothes, that is, torn jeans, black leather jackets and shirts; Kiss do it with black and white make up on their faces and wearing eccentric suits and high boots.

Even when those differences are very outstanding, these two bands share some other important things like no matter what, they will be remember by all those people who know what rock an roll is about, because they are the best!!!


I went to see one of my favorite rock bands alive!!! My best friends and I agree with the idea that Dream Theater is one of the best rock bands all over the world, so, on March 1st 2006, we traveled to Guadalajara, Jal. to live the best experience in our lives ever.

Even when my parents did not want me to go there with them, Idid. When we arrived to the main city, we were so excited and wasted our last cents on beer and stuffs to get ready for that.

On our way to Diana's Theater, where the big gig took place, my boyfriend and I came across with a thief who realy scared us, but we could run like hell. while we were still freaked out, we met with our other friends and and went into the theater, sat on our sits and waited for the show to begin.

Suddenly, the lights turned off and some other colored ones iluminated the theater; then, the wonderful sound of Mike Portnoy's drums filled the room. Everybody stood up from their sits and began to yell "dream, dream, dream..." claiming for them.

And later, John Petrucci's guitar strings accompained the Portnoy's drums, and finally "The Root of All Evil" was played in a gorgeous way by the greatest musicians in the history of rock and roll.

Song after song, people's yelling and singing, made me feel like if I were on heaven. My boyfriend, my two best friends and I were realy shocked for around two hours untill they said good bye and the lights turned on again.

Back home, my brother's face, which was full of anger because i had gone an he had not; and Dream Theater still featuring on my ears, made me noticed that that had been the best day in my life and I will never forget it.

“OBESITY IN CHILDREN” (Problem-Solution)

Nowadays Obesity is a terrible illness in children that provokes many problems in their lives. This problem is very common and some people think that is not importatnt for us, but we need to take care of that. Children who are overweight in the future they will have more problems than the ones they can imagine. Obesity can provoke many problems in children if the parents don’t take care of the feeding of them, but this problem has some solutions.

Obesity is a big problem that is noticeable in little children. They can’t see all the problems that this illness can give them. Firts, they can have physical problems because they are discriminated for being obese. Another issue is in the children’ health because they can have childish diabetes and high pressure. Sometimes children don’t pay attention to that, but they are exposed to have some of this problems because of obesity.

A good news is that this problem has many solutions, but children need the help of their parents to be better. One solution is that they have to go with a phsycologist to receive help in their traumas due to this problem because in the school the children’ partners can call them “Fat” for example. Another possibility is that children can do exercise like walk in the evenings, play basketball, football or another sport.

A final very important alternative is that children need to go with a nutriologist who gives them a special diet. Because obesity comes from bad feeding and a good feeding is a clue for reducing the rate of obese children because most of the times they don’t eat fruit or vegetables, and the food that they eat is not nutritous. Parents need to help in their children’ feeding because they don’t think about the problems that obesity can provoke them.

Obesity is a horrible in children because through the years, they can have several problems. Parents need to know more about these problems because they affect in some ways to children who have obesity; but it has some alternatives to be solved like going to a phsycologist, doing exercise, and going to a nutriologist. If obese children have a good feeding and do exercise, their life can change in a good way.

*CAUSE-EFFECT ESSAY* Causes of Divorce

You know that divorce is more common nowdays, but do you know the causes? According to the statistics offered by INEGI in a survey practiced in 2005, 70% of the couples who get married take the decision of getting divorce. There are many reasons why they make yhis decision, but there are three main causes which are lack of communication, financial issues, and abuse.

Lack of communication is one of the main causes of divorce. A marriege is on the rocks when the lines of communication fail. You cannot have an ineffective realtionship if either one of you does not discuss about his/her feelings, cannot talk about his/her mutual or personal issues, and expects his/her partner to guess what the whole problem is about.

Another cause of divorce are financial issues. Money or aspects related to ot are of course a possible cause of disagreement between couples. Married couples could squabble over such issues as shared financial responsibility, unequal financial status, undisclosed financial state, over spending, and lack of financial support.

The last cause of divorce are the ways of abuse. This does not just include intentional and habitual phusycal abuse. It may also come in the form of sexual abuse and emmotional abuse. One partner may actively seeks to degrade his/her partner through harsh language. Drug and alcohol make the person so violent; in addition, there may be no physical or verbal abuse, but the other partner would understandibly have a difficult time managing finances and daily life with an addicted spouse.

Now we know that lack of communication, financial problems, and violence are the main causes why people get divorce. May be you should considet living in free union for a short time before you get married, by doing this, you can meet your partner well. It is not the best option, but if you are really in love, you can get married without any problem.

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Do you know all the effects that smoking causes? The majority of the people that smoke don’t think about the problems that it brings, so if you are a smoker, I suggest you to read this essay before getting some bad effects of smoking such as lung cancer, pulmonary emphysema, dirty teeth, bad breath, also, you can affect other people even if they don’t smoke.

Talking about health, one important effect and maybe the worst is the lung cancer. According to some studies, 70 percent of the smokers can be inclined to have lung cancer. Also, people who don’t smoke can get this disease too, because if they are or they live together with someone that smokes, and they inhales the smoke, they can be affected. Statistics say 8 of each 10 people die because they inhale the smoke from the people who have this addiction.

Smoking causes many diseases, and its effects usually produce difficulty to breath. This is because the lungs are polluted by the smoke, So this kind of illness is called pulmonary emphysema which is another mortal disease that in the long run appears when people smoke a lot. Like lung cancer, pulmonary emphysema doesn’t have a cure.

Other aspect that smoking affects is the physical appearance. When the person smokes a lot, his teeth begin to get dirty, they get a yellow color, and it brings bad breath as well. Also, the skin of smokers begins to get dry.

In conclusion, today smoking is a serious addiction because you can get some disease like lung cancer and pulmonary emphysema. Also, your physical appearance is affected too. But you’re not the only one affected people that live together with you could be affected too, even if they don’t smoke. So please, if you are a smoker, you should try to quit smoking, because then you will see the results.


Why do young people get married at an early age? We are always searching a partner to be together forever, and share the life, but some people search for it too young. There are many causes to get married at an early age, but this time I will only show you the most common ones.

The principal and most common cause is pregnancy. Most of the time when a couple has sexual relationships without any kind of protection is because they are too young and do not have much information about that. Families prefer to keep appearances, and they force them to get married.

Another cause is the presence of false expectations. It is that we always search security, protection, and confidence; and young people think that they will have those things in a marriage. The couple thinks that living together will be easy and they will have a good marriage. Many people also think that by having a marriage they could have a better life.

Finally, another cause can be a hasty marriage. The couple gets married without having enough knowledge about the other, and conflicts are created when living together. Or they find that it was not what they really expected in a couple.

Young people get married at an early age for many reasons and the most common are pregnancy, false expectations, and a hasty marriage. Exist more reasons, but those are the principal ones. Young couples should think better before doing that.







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The causes of divorce (cause-effect essay)

Have you noticed that nowadays there are more divorces than in the past? It is because sometimes the couple takes a quickly decision before having a different life. There are three main causes of divorces: lack of communication, changing woman’s roles and young marriages.

The lack of communication is a common problem in the daily life. Unfortunately there are problems that avoid communication between the couple. Such as the job of both, sometimes the couple needs to work for having a better life. But the schedule is different and maybe the woman works in the morning and the man in the afternoon. Since the time that they live together is not enough, the couple cannot interchange their ideas, neither there is a confidence for trying to solve their problems. As a result, they get divorced.

The second important cause of divorces is the changing of women’s roles. In the past men had to earn money to afford the expenses of the family, and women only had to do the housework and she depended their husband. Nowadays this situation has changed, because of the equality between men and women, their roles are very similar, for example they share the roles such as cooking, cleaning. Washing, carrying the children and money. The last one is a clear example that women are independent because sometimes they have a better job for supporting their own living cost. Nevertheless, there are men that don’t want to accept the equality between men and women, furthermore many men are “machistas”, as a result they argue with their working wives and have problems that take them to the divorce.

Some young couples make the decision to get married when they are not prepared for supporting a marriage. Therefore, they have problems since the beginning such as economic, emotional and of experience. The couple don’t know how to solve the problems, and they have frequent arguments. In addition, a lot of times for avoiding problems, they conclude that is better to finish the relationship.

To conclude, before getting marriage, we have to think about all the things that imply being married. The cause of divorce are lamentable and we should try to consider them, for having a good relationship and avoid falling in the marriage.

Why do students drop out of school? (cause-effect essay)

Do you know why students drop out of school? Nowdays students usually drop out of school, to get a career. More than before job seekers are looking for people who have finished high school (at least). The fact that students drop out of school is caused for different reasons. There are three main causes why students drop out of school: they can't afford tuition, they prefer to work, and they fail the course.

One reason which students decide to drop out of school is because they don't have enough money to afford it. There are a lot of families that can't pay a college tuition even since high school, these families earn the minimum salary. In other circumstances are only able to pay college for one member of the family. Public universities are the cheapest universities, but not all students have a chance to get into the university, thus they cannot study.

When students get a good job, they prefer to attend their job, and for this reason they drop out of school. Usually they get a job while they are studying too. After a while, they find out that they prefer working instead of studying. It is difficult for them to leave their job because they need money. Sometimes they find out that they will have a better future by working than studying.

Another reason why students don't finish highschool is because they fail the course. Sometimes students have problems with some subjects, especially. Mathematics and English, so they fail the subject and as a consequence the whole course. They have the oportunity of taking the course again, but they prefer not to do it. I think students who don't want to study. As a result, they prefer working in easy jobs where they don't need to think.

Finally, students usually drop out of school for three main reasons: money, a good job, and academic failure. There are more cause but these are the most common in Mexico. I think to drop out of school is not a problem, well that depends on the cause. I hope this doesn't become a big problem in the future, and th percent of students who drop out of school can raduce.

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Do you know what the causes of obesity are? We never think about the causes of obesity, but they are very simple and common because it depends on the good habits that we have. If we count all the causes that provoke obesity maybe there are a lot, but we only need to focus on some of them. Because of emotional problems, bad eating, and the lack of exercise many people are overweight.

The first cause is concentrated on emotional problems because sometimes they eat a lot to forget the problems or to relieve a feeling of emptiness. Many overweight people eat all the things that they see on the refrigerator because they feel alone, they try to full their body with food because their soul feels so bad and they need attention. Overweight people do that action to attract people’s attention because they need that other people to help them.

Bad eating is the next cause that provokes obesity. Overweight people always eat junk food and it is the main cause why they increase their weight. They never eat fruits or vegetables, but always eat hamburgers, hotdogs, coca-cola, and others. This kind of food gives them more weight, in addition, gives them more problems. Overweight people eat because they need to eat, but it’s gluttony.

The final cause is the lack of exercise which is important to reduce weight. People most of the times spend hours watching TV and don’t do anything that help their health. The lack of exercise is common in overweight people due to they can’t play, run, and they get tired very fast. Even when they can’t do exercise, they need to try doing a little bit because it’s so important to lose weight.
We know that emotional problems, bad eating, and the lack of exercise are some of the causes of obesity. If we don’t pay attention to them, we will be exposed to many problems. This problem can be eradicated if we avoid all the things that cause obesity because we need to take care of our lives.


Have you ever had a funny trip with your classmates? Well, my high school’s classmates and I had this experience when we went to Michoacan. My counselor and I organized a good trip because we wanted to go out of our town and we enjoyed it very much. It was the most wondeful experience that we had ever had and we will always remember it.

The departure was very exciting because we were free. We began to choose a seat in the bus, we put our luggage, and the food too. Three teachers were with us, and one of them called attendance. We were completed, we got on the bus, said goodbye to our parents, and they wanted to cry. On the way, we didn’t sleep and the next day we were very tired because of that.

The first day that we were in Michoacan, we visited the cathedral and the zoo. First, we stopped on the cathedral. There were beautiful pictures and people told us that some parts of the cathedral were of gold. Then we went to the zoo, and there were a lot of animals. I liked the monkeys. At night we we went to “Patzcuaro” because we needed to find a hotel.

The next day we knew “Lago de Patzcuaro”, “Janitzoi”, and “Parque Nacional Uruapan”. We arrived to “Lago de Patzcuaro”, and we traveled by boat to “Janitzio” because is an island. There was a statue and a friend and I went up, and that was horrible. After that we went to the “Parque Nacional” and there was a lot of nature to admire. In the afternoon, my teachers were very tired, and decided to return to the hotel to rest.

The last day, we arrived to one lake and after that we did some things. We saw the big lake that was inmense. We took somo photos in different places, then we ate because we were hungry. We sang some songs, played some games, and we went up to the bus. On the road, we were sleeping because the trip was so tiring.

We arrived to Ojocaliente and our parents were very happy because they missed us. The next day at the school we talked with our teachers about the wonderful experience that we had lived. I hope that one day I will have another trip like the one I had, but with my university’s classmates.

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Have you ever felt stress and you don't know why? Many of us have felt stress in our job, family, or in the school. We are going to see that enviromental ploblems, our personal stuff, and our work are the main causes that produce stress.
The first cause of stress are enviromental stressors. Usually, when we go to work, the traffic is used to affecting us because we think about arriving late at school or at our job, instead of listening to music for relaxing. Also the noise is another cause that affects us. When we listen a lot of it, we get nervous and also we get angry for it.
Our personal stuff also can stress us. In our family we are exposed to too many problems, but the most common are troubles with the parents, or marital problems. Like when you are going to get divorce you are worry because of that. The lack of money also can be another. W e get worried when we can not pay the house bills or when we can not buy something that we want.
The last cause is trouble with our work. The excess of work is the main cause of stress because we feel the responsability to take out the work that we have. Also when our boss arrives and he scolds for any apparent reason we get frustratied, and we spend the rest of the day upset.
Enviromental problems, personal stuff, and our work are the main causes of stress. If we don't take the things with calm and are not relax, we will fall in the stress and our health is going to be affected.

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*PROBLEM-SOLUTION ESSAY* Marijuana legalization: A good or bad solution.

Do you think that marijuana should be legalized? Do you think that it is the best solution? Marijuana dealing is a problem that we have been facing for many years. Even thogh there are a lot of kinds of drugs, marijuana is one of the most common. This serious problem has one important solution: the legalization.

Marijuana is a big problem that unfortunately creates many bad habits and that could also make the people kill each other. But the problem here is not the consumption of drugs, the real problem is what the drug dealers are able to do in order to export or import some drugs. For this reason, there is corruption, there are murders, anti-narcotics, and also illegal plantations.

There is a solution which is very controvercial: the legalization. It sounds very crazy, but it seems very effective. Indeed, some of the greatest worl wide organizations have proposed it and some others have already applied it. If this solution is applied, marijuana will be consumed more, but there will not be more illegal traffic of marijuana, no more illegal plantations, no more drug dealers, no more what is called "narco-guerrilla", and nomore political corruption.

The debate over the legalization of marijuana has been one of the most controvercial issues ever to occur in the United States. Marijuana has been used as a medicine; it has medical purposes. In addition, the goverment could earn money from taxes on its sale, so, there would be more money for our country and less money for drug dealers; also it would reduce crime rites. In fact, people who are pro-marijuana argue that it is considerably less harmful than tabacco and alcohol.

In short, marijuana is a problem that some people pay attention to; however, its legalization could be a good idea because with this solution many problems could be solved; nevertheless, there will be more consumption of it. To conclude, many people say that legalization of marijuana will never happen, but I feel it is inevitable.

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Do you know some of the most important fun parks in Mexico city? There are two funny parks that you can visit for enjoying rides. Although both parks are similar, exist some differences that make them unique.

The first difference is the price in both parks. In Six Flags you can pay aproximatly 250 pesos for each ticket. In that park you can enjoy all the rides the times that you want. The prices in the food is so high, but this parks sells several kinds of food. In contrast in La Feria de Chapultepec the ticket costs like 70 pesos. You can only get in some rides and you have to pay for others. There are a few kinds of food, but the costs is cheaper than in Six Flags.

The second difference is the size of both parks Six Flags has better rides because has more space. Also in that park there are spaces for resting, special events and places for concerts. In contrast, La Feria de Chapultepec is smaller than Six Flags, as a result in that fair there are fewer rides and the space is shorter .
Another big difference between both parks are the kind of rides. In Six Flags there are better rides. This is because the rides are bigger and newer than in the other fair. Also in the first park, the rides have more and better security. On the other hand, the rides in La Feria de Chapultepec, most of them are more classical than extrem. In addition the security in that park is less reliable than in Six Flags.
In conclusion, between them there are many differences thah make them unique in Mexico city, and you cat get a lot of fun in both of them. In addition if you travel to the Distrito Federal I suggest you to visit Six Flags because is better in some aspects.


Is the American dream really a dream, or is it a nightmare? Many Mexicans think that if they work in the USA they will have more opportunities to be better, for this reason they try to cross the frontier between Mexico and the USA many times without permission. The principal problem is that some people die trying to obtain this dream. This problem requires serious action from the government.

The principal causes are the employment, the salary and personal improvement. Many people do not have a job and they try to obtain it wherever. Also in Mexico the salary is lower than in the USA and dollars have greater value than pesos. The majority of the people who decide to go to the USA think that they will be better and will have more valuable things.

There are many effects that the people that try to cross the frontier suffer. One important is the following, it is very difficult to cross the frontier and immigration is so cruel with the people who try to cross and sometimes these people die. Families try to cross, sometimes they travel with their children and they risk their lives for all the dangers that exist when crossing. The majority of the people who can cross have a hard work and frequently they do not have rights in theirs jobs, for this reason they suffer discrimination.

There are many solutions that the government could do to eradicate this problem however one of the principal solutions which could avoid that the people change their hometown is that the government creates more employments and with better salaries. Other solution could be that people have more access to study, for this the government could build more schools, universities, and so on; principally in rural areas, so that people can have a better education and will have a better job with better salaries without the need of traveling to the USA.

In conclusion, the problem may be solved with actions of the Mexican government like creating employment and better education; the USA government can help too. It should not be ignored because it is a serious problem for Mexico.


Do you prefer playing with feet or hands? Football soccer and basketball games are very interesting, good for the body, and health, but they are also so different. I am going to show you some differences between soccer and basketball games.

The first difference is related to the parts of the body that are involved in the game. In basketball you can touch the ball with the hands. Players need to bounce and pass the ball away from them. On the contrary, in soccer, only the goal keeper can touch the ball with the hands, in the majority of the games, the players play with the hands inside of the court, it is fault.

Other difference is the number of players that play in each game. The basketball game only has 5 players that include pillars, wings, and frontiers. In that, the players can change the position and everybody can score points. On the other hand, a soccer game has 11 players that include one goalkeeper, defenses, midfielders, and strikers. Each one has a position in the court and is difficult that the goalkeeper or defenses score points.

Finally, the form of scoring points is different too. Basketball’s players can have three different forms to score points called baskets. The firs and more common is when a player throws inside of the small area, it counts two points. The second form is when the players throw outside of the small area, and they can get three points the other is when they can have a free throw, and it counts only one point. Unlike basketball, in a soccer game, all the throws have the same point, but it only counts one point and this is called goal.


I had never been more stupid in my life. Some months ago I met a handsome man who was nice with me. Now he is a bad story in my life because he lied to me.

I met Miguel in the University before the last vacation. At the end of the last semester, I needed coming to the University and surrendering some worksheets. That day I was giving my documents, and an attractive man arrived. He arrived showing much confidence, as if we were friends, but I did not know who he was.

I was confuses and I asked myself “who is he?” In that moment I needed to surrender my documents and to get into the teacher’s office. After that, I got in, and I tried not to think about him but it was impossible. Later, I went out of the office and he was there, he was playing jokes with my friend.

When I arrived with them, we began talking about our grades. When we were talking, my friend needed to go to the bathroom, and he asked me about my cell phone number and gave me his number too, to have his cell phone number was great, but I had to go to my house and it was our farewell.

Some days after our farewell, he called me, and he told me that I was a beautiful and wonderful girl and that he wanted to have a date with me. I accepted to have a data because I really wanted to see him. The date’s day arrived but he never came, so I decided to wait for his call.

My vacation finished, but he never called me. When I arrived to the University I saw him but he was talking with another girl, and he told her the same words that he had said to me. In that moment I felt really bad, but I caught on that he was a liar. Now I do not believe in men.

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Help us to prevent AIDS: we need to educate with responsible love. It is because AIDS has existed since many years ago. Although many scientists have tried to discover the treatment against this terrible disease, they have not found some patent treatments yet. This issue is very important, because there are people with AIDS that are discriminated by other people. The problem of people with AIDS in the world can be solved by educating people and creating conscience.

There are many causes to explain why people got AIDS and there are also some serious effects. The firs cause can be because they did not recieve enough information about specific illnesses like AIDS from their parents, maybe because they got shyness to talk about sex with their sons and daughters. The second cause can be because people knew about it, but they decided to have sex without a condom, in other words, they did not have conscience. The effects of this illness are that many people have been discriminated, as a result, they can not get a job and the worst is that many people have died.

The problem of people with AIDS can be reduced by the government. The government should place more schools everywhere to educate people, this way would be more factible, because people would have the enough knowledge about different illnesses like AIDS. They would learn that there are different contraceptives to prevent this terrible illness.

There is another solution that can be done about this serious problem. Famous people should take advantage of their fame by doing concerts that have a positive message for the people about AIDS, and the money collected could be donated to hospitals to help people with this disease for example: buying the special treatments that they need; as a result, the life of this people would be easier.

To sum up, there are more solutions that we can do to solve the problem of people with AIDS in the world. However, the most important are the actions that the government and famous people can take. We can work together against this terrible illness. If we carried at those solutions, we would have a more relaxing world with healthy people.

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COMPARATIVE ESSAY: Why is special the sound of MCR?

The riffs (guitar chords) of the songs of My Chemical Romance are explosive and dynamic, and the only two persons in charge of it are Ray Toro and Frank Iero. Together, they make these amazing sounds with their guitars. However, they are so different in many ways. Let me tell you some differences between them.

One of the differences is their own style to play the guitar. The way that Ray Toro plays his guitar is serious, strong, and sometimes crazy. In contrast, Frank Iero plays the guitar even crazier than his colleague, Frank has much energy, he always falls down while he is playing.

Another difference between these guitar players is their nationality. Even though both grew up in New Jersey, Ray is from Puerto Rico, but he moved with his family to U.S. when he was a baby. While Frank is American, he was born in Texas, but when he was in high school, he moved to New Jersey, and he is still living there.

Their physical appearance is also an important difference between them. Ray is tall, strong, and one aspect that makes him unique is his big afro hair. Unlike Ray, Frank is shorter and thinner than Ray, actually he is the shortest in the band, he has many tattoos in all his small body and his hair style changes many times, he can have long hair, short hair, or a crazy hair style.

Ray Toro and Frank Iero both are so different, but I think that the mixture of different styles makes the special sound of My Chemical Romance.

When I saw My Chemical Romance in a live performance

Have you ever felt an enormous excitement when seeing your favorite band in a live performance? So if you haven’t let me tell you my experience when I saw My Chemical Romance for the first time and I can say that day was the most wonderful experience in my life. I have been a fan of MCR since three years ago and I knew about the concert by internet, so I was so excited and happy. After, I told my friend who is a fan too and then we began to ask for permission to our parents. They let us go. I have to say that since the beginning until the end of that trip was amazing.

A day before the concert, my friend and I arrived to Mexico City, and we decided to stay in my friend’s family house. They were so nice with me and I was very comfortable with them. In the afternoon we went to Coyoacan, it was a beautiful place and we spent our time there. At night, my friend and I were singing some songs of MCR and preparing all of our stuff that we were going to take to the concert.

The next day it would be the concert in “Palacio de los Deportes”, so my friend and I were so excited, we couldn’t believe it that it would be the first time that we would see our favorite band. After that, when the concert started and the light turned off, I had a strange feeling that I had never felt before, I just started to scream, cry, sing at the same time. I got completely crazy. They played many songs, and I sang every single word with them.

At the end of the concert, we were in the car of my friend’s uncle, and we saw a limousine, I told them that maybe My Chemical Romance was in that limo, but they said no, because they thought that the members of MCR were in vans, so we let them go. The next day we returned to Aguascalientes, and I knew that MCR was in that limo.

I had been waiting for that moment for a long time, and it was the amazing experience that has happened to me. Because for the first time I saw My Chemical Romance in a live show.

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COMPARATIVE ESSAY: Lemons and Apples

Do you know the differences between apples and lemons? Lemons and apples have an obvious difference that is the color, the special flavor, the season where they grown, and also the price, one is more expensive that the other. They also have some remarkable differences in the special dishes that we can make with them, the vitamins that they contain, and the health benefits that they provide.
The firs difference are the special dishes that we can make with lemons and apples. The lemon gives a good flavor to food that come from animals, in addition, it is used like an adornment in seafood, also for special beverages, and to make delicious water with lemon flavor. On the other hand, with apples we can make dishes such as: cakes, pies, gelatines, delicious jams, juices, and other special dishes.
The second difference are the vitamins. The nutritional value of the lemon is elevated, because it has vitamin C, Potasium, and Iron, similar to the orange. While de apple contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, PP, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, and fibers.
The third difference are the health benefits that each fruits has. Lemon prevents and helps to reduce many illnesses like: stomach problems, obesity, indigestions, gastritis, heart diseases, cancer, smallpox, amont others. In contrast, the apple acts like: sedative, anticholesterol, against rheumatic diseases, cleans teeth, detoxifies the body, has an antiviral property, and it avoids muscular pains, etc.
Lemons and Apples have remarkable differences like the dishes thatwe can make with them, the vitamins, and the health benefits that each fruit provides. We should take advantage of these two delicious fruits in any season of the year to be healthy.

NARRATIVE ESSAY: My first visit to the Zoo

Have you ever felt happiness and worry in one day? I lived one of the strangest moments of my life when I went to a summer course with other people. The teachers in this course carried us to visit the Guadalajara's zoo and that day was very strange. A day full of fun became into a worry, because our bus was damaged.
That day at 8 a.m. we went to the zoo by bus, there we sang funny songs and one of the theachers taught us how to do different figures in a piece of paper. After 4 hours, we arrived to the zoo and we went to some games to have fun. We had fun in a rollercoaster among other rides, but then we were tired, so we decided to rest.
We rested in a train that carried us around the zoo to watch different animals. We could see a giraffe that was walking together with a herd of its kind. Also, there were a lot of beautiful monkies and hippopotamus. Moreover, we went to see an amazing dolphin show, in which the dolphins did excellent pirouettes, I liked it so much, because I had never seen a dolphin show in my whole life. After that, we ate a delicious sandwiches and sodas. Later, some of my partners went to different places around the zoo.
Consequently, they got lost, so we had to look for them. When they appeared, the teacher scolded them, and finally, we had to abandon the place. We were sad, but anyway we were making noise. Suddenly, the bus was advancing slowly and then it stopped, the teacher let us know that the bus was damaged, my partners and I were worried about staying there all the night, but we only were there around 3 hours. After that, the chauffeur could fix the bus and we continued our way, while another teacher told us a horror story.
We are thankful to the chauffeur, because he fix the bus and we could arrive to our homes. I learned that I should be patient in some situations ofmy life and that not all the things will be ok. We have to think in a positive way to have success in life.

INTOLERANCE IN ALL THE WORLD problem-solution essay

Did you know intolerance is an international problem? Talking about things that people can not satand, it could be religion, differences between cultures or customs, or only different ways of thinking. There are some things that really bug us, but the problem is in the way people respond to these things. Intolerance is the principal cause of wars in all the world. There are two effective ways to solve the intolerance problem: education and agreement.

To be intolerant is to be a person who does not like when someone is different, and wants everybody to act in the same way. Intolerance has been the principal problem in all the world since ancient history. All wars have been originated for problems such as religion, politics, race, etc. These problems are examples of intolerance. There are a lot of people that use violence when they get angry for something that they cannot tolerate. They need to know how to take control of their intolerance.

First, to face the intolerance, we need to begin with kids; in school is necesary to teach tolerance. The educational system needs to focus on inculcating tolerance. Since we were children our parents taught us to accept the differences between other people, but it is also necesary appears out of school. It is important that new generations learn to be tolerant. On the other hand, it is difficult that all educational system in all the world get an agreement for tolerance. In some countries schools promote the intolerance.

Second, to get down the intolerance it is important that governors know how to get agreements. An agreement is when people try to solve their differences in an accord, where both get equal benefits. Sometimes there are governors, presidents, or kings that do not know how to get an agreement. An example of this is Fidel Castro, he is a dictator and someone must teach him what tolerance is. Nevertheless it is to dificult that governors try these but for young people that will be our gobernors, they need to have in mind that tolerance is the most important to get the perfect society.

To sum up, I think there is a piece of tolerance inside of us, the important thing is to try to find this little piece. Everyday we face with a lot of problems coused by intolerance, even inside home and home is where we need to begin to practice tolerance. When we are driving and someone does something wrong, or when someone un your job thinks different, try to count to ten, breath, and think in what times when someone was intolerant with you. Don't forget that intolerance is an important social problem, do not make it bigger.

*COMPARISON ESSAY* Differences between High School and College

Do you want to study in High School or in College? These two options are very dissimilar, althogh in both you can learn a lot. These differences include homework, tests, and attendance polices.

The first difference is homework. In High School most teachers will assign you to turn in your homework late if you give them an excuse such as "I forgot it at home" or "It is in my locker". In contrast, in College if you give your professor one of these excuses, they will say "Too bad" and you do not have another opportunuty.

Another difference are the tests. There are also a lot of tests in High School; usually, there is a test every week or two. Althogh in College there are more tests, the work is not hard. Most of the time you will read aloud in class or go over every point of the homework so, there is no question of what you have to do.

The last difference are the attendance polices. In High School the teachers are always on you about attentance; that is, if you miss to many days, you can fail, so if you are not in class, they want to know why; in addition, they probably call your parents and let them know that you were not in class. On the contrary, in College the teachers do not care whether or not you are in class; it means that if you are not there, you are going to get a failing grade, so you have to be responsible to succeed. It is up to you.

To conclude, the main differences between High School and College are the assignments, exams, and absences. The High School´s teachers teach the students the responsibility by making them to do their homework and monitoring their attendance and College students are expected to have it. So, in my personal opinion I prefer High School because I need more attention.

miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008


Do you think that you are average weight? A lot of adolescents have obesity; this is a serious problem because it causes an unhealthy life. If you have malnutrition and a sedentary life, you can have this illness. Another cause of obesity is our inherited genetic. The problem of obesity in adolescents can be solved by a good diet and exercise.
Obesity is a serious problem because it affects all our life. This problem is not only an increase of weight; it is the accumulation of fat. Obesity affects some organs of our body like the heart, the liver, the brain, etc. In addition, it can cause emotional effects in the person that worsen this problem such as depression. For these reasons is necessary to appeal for medical help.
The most important solution for this problem is a nutritional diet. The base of any diet is the decrease of the number of calories that we ingest. Some food has a lot of calories like candies. The most recommended food to lower weight is fruits and vegetables. But you need to have professional advice and nutritional education.
Exercise is another way to have good health and good shape. With exercise you help your body to lose weight but, you need to be constant. A good routine of exercise will help you to be average weight. The best option to lower weight with exercise is in a gym because you have more options of exercise, and you have the opportunity to choose the routine of exercise that you like more. In addition, a trainer can help you to select the routine that has the best characteristics t help you to get a good shape.
Obesity can be solved with two solutions. First, a diet free of fat and with healthy food. Second, a constant routine of exercise to lower weight. These solutions will help you to have good health in the future without obesity.


Do you know the differences between your favorite bands? I have two favorite bands, and they have similarities as well as differences. What are the aspects that can differ from one band to another? These characteristics can be the members, the number of albums, and the number of singles. These aspects can differ between my two favorite bands which are “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx”.

These bands have had changes of members. At the beginning, “30 Seconds to Mars” was formed by five members, but three of them left the band, and then, one person joined the band. Now, it is formed by Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo Milicievic. On the other hand, “Pxndx” was formed by four members, but two of them left the band, and then, they were replaced. Now, the band is formed by Jose Madero, Ricardo Treviño, Jorge Vazquez, and Arturo Arredondo.

These bands have made some different albums of music. The band “30 Seconds to Mars” has only two albums. The first one is called “30 Seconds to Mars” which was the debut album; the seconds one is called “A Beautiful Lie”, this albums has had more popularity than the first one. However, “Pxndx” has five albums. The name of the albums are “Arroz con eche”, “La revancha del príncipe charro”, “Para ti con desprecio”, “Amantes Sunt Amentes”, and “Sinfonía Soledad”.

Like other bands, “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx” have had some different singles. The singles of “30 Seconds to Mars” are seven; some of these singles are popular. The most popular singles of this band are “The Kill”, “From Yesterday”, and “A Beautiful Lie”. Unlike “30 Seconds to Mars”, “Pxndx” has had fourteen singles. The most popular are “Cita en el quirófano”, “Narcisita por Excelencia”, “Los malaventurados no lloran”, and “Muñeca”.

Although I like “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx”, they are different in some aspects. Each band has a different style of music, different members, different albums, and singles. All the bands have differences but the most important thing is that they use music to express feelings because this is their objective.

*NARRATIVE ESSAY* My graduation party: a good or bad experience!

Have you been happy and sad at the same time? It is really possible to feel these two feelings because it is something that happened to me one year ago when I graduate from high school. I was happy because my graduation party, but I was sad because my parents´problems.

First of all, I had little time to be ready for the party, so I had to do all things quikcly. When I arrived to the beauty salon, there were a lot of people waiting for the service, that mada me feel stressed, also my stress increased because I already had a date but the hairdresser did not respect it. After that, I arrived home to get dressed becuse the time to go to the church had arrived. While I got dressed I was eating because I was really hungry; in addition, neather my mother, nor my brother had arrived home and that made me feel more stressed. Finally, they arrived and we went to the church faster, but we arrived 10 minutes late.

After the mass, we went to the reception; of course I was really happy. I took a seat next to my friends, my mon and my brother. After a little time, my father arrived with us, but I have to say that my parents are divorced, so they were bewildered. Then, everything was ready for the dinner, so we began to eat. When everybody finished eating, the party and the music really started.

All things were ok, I was happy dancing and drinking beer with my friends, but the sad time appeared! Suddenly, I saw my parents arguing and that made me feel so down. After short time, I saw that my father hit my mother, obviously I did not want that them to kich up a fuss; but who kicked up a fuss was me! So, I stood up from my chair and I went to my father and I asked him what was happening; in addition, I shouted him that I did not want to see him never again. After that, he went out from the reception and I did not see him duting three months.

Today, I have good relationship with my father, but I will not forget that poblem which made me feel very sad. To conclude, my graduation party was exciting because I graduate from high school; on the other hand, thay day was one of the sadest of my life.

Narrative: VALENTINE'S DAY OF 2006

What has been the most important Valentine's Day for you? For me, was on February 14th, 2006. My friends and I had never organized a good party to celebrate Valentine's Day, but in 2006 we did. We had prepared the party since 2 week ago. The party was special for me because it was fun and so exciting.
My friends and I were excited because of the party. We began the party at 2:00p.m and all my friends were there. We had prepared a lot of things to be fun. First, we began to play football, that was fun because we ha some accidents with the ball. Then, we took a break to talk. My friends and I began to be hungry; as a result, we decided to eat.
We had bought pizza, soda, and beer. A friend started to put the pizza on plates. I drank a soda, and then some beers. The food and drinks were delicious. We had bought a chocolate cake, and after eating the pizza, we started to eat the cake.
My friends and I did not eat the cake because a friend began a fight using it. All of my friends participated in the fight. Consequently, we were dirty. When we did not have more cake, we used water. We played for one hour, and we got tired. We cleaned ourselves, and we began to exchange gifts.
I received chocolate and other gifts. My friends and I received gifts, and we liked them. Then, we continued with the party. We drank beer, and danced. Before finishing the party, we broke a piñata. We were having a good time.
At 8:00p.m we decided to finish the party. I will never forget the party because it was special. I will never have another party like Valentine’s Day of 2006. I hope that one day I will have another good Valentine’s Day with all my new friends.