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Do you know the differences between your favorite bands? I have two favorite bands, and they have similarities as well as differences. What are the aspects that can differ from one band to another? These characteristics can be the members, the number of albums, and the number of singles. These aspects can differ between my two favorite bands which are “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx”.

These bands have had changes of members. At the beginning, “30 Seconds to Mars” was formed by five members, but three of them left the band, and then, one person joined the band. Now, it is formed by Jared Leto, Shannon Leto, and Tomo Milicievic. On the other hand, “Pxndx” was formed by four members, but two of them left the band, and then, they were replaced. Now, the band is formed by Jose Madero, Ricardo Treviño, Jorge Vazquez, and Arturo Arredondo.

These bands have made some different albums of music. The band “30 Seconds to Mars” has only two albums. The first one is called “30 Seconds to Mars” which was the debut album; the seconds one is called “A Beautiful Lie”, this albums has had more popularity than the first one. However, “Pxndx” has five albums. The name of the albums are “Arroz con eche”, “La revancha del príncipe charro”, “Para ti con desprecio”, “Amantes Sunt Amentes”, and “Sinfonía Soledad”.

Like other bands, “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx” have had some different singles. The singles of “30 Seconds to Mars” are seven; some of these singles are popular. The most popular singles of this band are “The Kill”, “From Yesterday”, and “A Beautiful Lie”. Unlike “30 Seconds to Mars”, “Pxndx” has had fourteen singles. The most popular are “Cita en el quirófano”, “Narcisita por Excelencia”, “Los malaventurados no lloran”, and “Muñeca”.

Although I like “30 Seconds to Mars” and “Pxndx”, they are different in some aspects. Each band has a different style of music, different members, different albums, and singles. All the bands have differences but the most important thing is that they use music to express feelings because this is their objective.

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soniaalejandra15 dijo...

pxndx es chevere pero 30 seconds to mars. los dos grupos son geniales y sobretdo su vocalistas

Melisa Marzett dijo...

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