viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

The first time when I fell in love...

By Fernando Muro Nuñez
When you are in high school, six months can feel like forever. Just remember back to a week before graduation and how slow those last few days moved. I know it is hard to imagine but I dated someone for almost one year. Although there have been many life defining moments, breaking up with Viri was by far the biggest challenge I have ever had to face. My ability to move past her impacted my life in ways you cannot imagine.

Viri and I met in the summer of 2005 during a family reunion. At that moment I felt what it was like to have butterflies in my stomach and the racing heart when her eyes caught my own. I felt as if I were in a romantic movie, Or a chapter of a soupopera, even Ihate soupoperas. I fell harder andharder in love for her and she did the same. For the firsts months, I felt nothing could go wrong, yet I was oblivious.

Viri and I embarked on a 11 months relationship based on fighting and lack of trust. It became more of a chore, rather than a choice, to be together. There were too many nights of tears, rather than smiles. It is incredible how someone can be everything you want but can’t be at the same time. After way to long I realized that I no longer longed to be with Viri. I became dependent on Viri to make me happy. I needed her to be there all the time.

When Viri and I realized what it was we had become, I made the decision to leave behind that part of my life. It was that single conversation that changed my life dramatically. I realized after my decision how far from my friends I really had moved. I now know that true happiness comes from within a person, not based on another individual.

But now I felt me much better I guess that time cure any hurt, even though I would do it again, je je je!!!

(Narrative Essay)

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