viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


I went to see one of my favorite rock bands alive!!! My best friends and I agree with the idea that Dream Theater is one of the best rock bands all over the world, so, on March 1st 2006, we traveled to Guadalajara, Jal. to live the best experience in our lives ever.

Even when my parents did not want me to go there with them, Idid. When we arrived to the main city, we were so excited and wasted our last cents on beer and stuffs to get ready for that.

On our way to Diana's Theater, where the big gig took place, my boyfriend and I came across with a thief who realy scared us, but we could run like hell. while we were still freaked out, we met with our other friends and and went into the theater, sat on our sits and waited for the show to begin.

Suddenly, the lights turned off and some other colored ones iluminated the theater; then, the wonderful sound of Mike Portnoy's drums filled the room. Everybody stood up from their sits and began to yell "dream, dream, dream..." claiming for them.

And later, John Petrucci's guitar strings accompained the Portnoy's drums, and finally "The Root of All Evil" was played in a gorgeous way by the greatest musicians in the history of rock and roll.

Song after song, people's yelling and singing, made me feel like if I were on heaven. My boyfriend, my two best friends and I were realy shocked for around two hours untill they said good bye and the lights turned on again.

Back home, my brother's face, which was full of anger because i had gone an he had not; and Dream Theater still featuring on my ears, made me noticed that that had been the best day in my life and I will never forget it.

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