miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2008

*NARRATIVE ESSAY* My graduation party: a good or bad experience!

Have you been happy and sad at the same time? It is really possible to feel these two feelings because it is something that happened to me one year ago when I graduate from high school. I was happy because my graduation party, but I was sad because my parents´problems.

First of all, I had little time to be ready for the party, so I had to do all things quikcly. When I arrived to the beauty salon, there were a lot of people waiting for the service, that mada me feel stressed, also my stress increased because I already had a date but the hairdresser did not respect it. After that, I arrived home to get dressed becuse the time to go to the church had arrived. While I got dressed I was eating because I was really hungry; in addition, neather my mother, nor my brother had arrived home and that made me feel more stressed. Finally, they arrived and we went to the church faster, but we arrived 10 minutes late.

After the mass, we went to the reception; of course I was really happy. I took a seat next to my friends, my mon and my brother. After a little time, my father arrived with us, but I have to say that my parents are divorced, so they were bewildered. Then, everything was ready for the dinner, so we began to eat. When everybody finished eating, the party and the music really started.

All things were ok, I was happy dancing and drinking beer with my friends, but the sad time appeared! Suddenly, I saw my parents arguing and that made me feel so down. After short time, I saw that my father hit my mother, obviously I did not want that them to kich up a fuss; but who kicked up a fuss was me! So, I stood up from my chair and I went to my father and I asked him what was happening; in addition, I shouted him that I did not want to see him never again. After that, he went out from the reception and I did not see him duting three months.

Today, I have good relationship with my father, but I will not forget that poblem which made me feel very sad. To conclude, my graduation party was exciting because I graduate from high school; on the other hand, thay day was one of the sadest of my life.

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