sábado, 7 de junio de 2008


A night of pleasure can become a nightmare. The most common way to get AIDS is by having sex. However, you can get AIDS by infected blood, sharing injections, and pricking by a needle. The effects of AIDS are seen in discrimination, in the family, and in the organizations and their employees.
One effect of this illness is the discrimination. People with AIDS los self-steem, get feelings of guilt and shame. They isolate ofthe medical attention that they need, because they have fear of the negative reaction that they may receive from other people. As a result, isolation increases, because of the feeling of "Being alone with ADIS". The discrimination of certain groups obligate them to hide from the society. Moreover, they can lose their job, because their colleagues do not have the enough knowledge, and they have fair to get AIDS.
AIDS also has a negative effect in families. The families have to sell material things to get the money to support the person with AIDS, and they must have to get an economic loan. Furthermore, the family has to pay the funeral expenses. In many cases, the medical attention expenses are associated with AIDS finishing with thesavings of the whole family, and finally they do not have money to support themselves during a season.
The third effect of AIDS is in the organizations and their employees. The organizations suffer a decrease of incomes, because of the employees with AIDS are unable to go to their jobs. Consequently, the organizations have less production. The employers must hire new employees, but many of them do not have the enough experience to do those jobs.
To conclude, the effect of AIDS are: discrimination, problems within the family and the organizations with their employees. In my opinion, I think that there will be more deaths as a result of AIDS. However, there is the possibility that scientists discover a patent treatment against this illness.

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