jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

Do you know all the effects that smoking causes? The majority of the people that smoke don’t think about the problems that it brings, so if you are a smoker, I suggest you to read this essay before getting some bad effects of smoking such as lung cancer, pulmonary emphysema, dirty teeth, bad breath, also, you can affect other people even if they don’t smoke.

Talking about health, one important effect and maybe the worst is the lung cancer. According to some studies, 70 percent of the smokers can be inclined to have lung cancer. Also, people who don’t smoke can get this disease too, because if they are or they live together with someone that smokes, and they inhales the smoke, they can be affected. Statistics say 8 of each 10 people die because they inhale the smoke from the people who have this addiction.

Smoking causes many diseases, and its effects usually produce difficulty to breath. This is because the lungs are polluted by the smoke, So this kind of illness is called pulmonary emphysema which is another mortal disease that in the long run appears when people smoke a lot. Like lung cancer, pulmonary emphysema doesn’t have a cure.

Other aspect that smoking affects is the physical appearance. When the person smokes a lot, his teeth begin to get dirty, they get a yellow color, and it brings bad breath as well. Also, the skin of smokers begins to get dry.

In conclusion, today smoking is a serious addiction because you can get some disease like lung cancer and pulmonary emphysema. Also, your physical appearance is affected too. But you’re not the only one affected people that live together with you could be affected too, even if they don’t smoke. So please, if you are a smoker, you should try to quit smoking, because then you will see the results.