viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

Global Warming

By Fernando Muro Nuñez (NOTE:PROPEDEUTICO "A")
Global Warming
Do you know that the north pole is going to melt in some years?
I remember when my hometown Aguascalientes,was un-polluted; If you did not know it, Global warming is the biggest issue that the earth is facing nowadays,(and there are many real examples) its principal characteristic is the unespected change of the climate and environment.

It has several causes like urbanization, lack of environmental education and the greenhouse effect; the urbanization has begun to grow very very fast reaching villages and little towns with transportation, pavement, these originated pollution that in the past did not exist.
Other cause is the lack of education that is affecting the earth indirectly like in the past this problem did not exist; the society is not familiare with this kind of issue, it is very difficult to create consience in old people.
The last cause is greenhouse effect, there is a group of substances that are needed by the atmosphere to keep the warmth of the earth; but everything in excess is wrong

Global Warming has lots of negative effects that are taking our planet to put it in danger like the radical changes of climate, the collapse of the countries and many human epidemies.
The first effect is the change of climate, one example is that the seasons of the year are out of control; e.g. in spring the strong warmth feels like in summer or in the fall you can feel the cold wind of winter.
The second effect is the sinking of the countries, this could sound hard but this is true, if we continue destroying the environment in some decades the north pole is going to dissolve in the ocean and the sea level is going to increase as a consequence some islands and coutries are going to dissapear.
Other effect is the begining of human epidemics because of the other two effects the humanity is going to be in danger and more disposed to get illnesses like a great variety of cancer, breathing issues, etc.

If each one continues like if there were not any problem we will see the effects of this horrible issue, so I propose to change our mind and open our eyes to the reality because there is not other solutions Talk to all the people that you know about it!!!

(cause-effect essay)

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