domingo, 1 de junio de 2008


Have you ever had a funny trip with your classmates? Well, my high school’s classmates and I had this experience when we went to Michoacan. My counselor and I organized a good trip because we wanted to go out of our town and we enjoyed it very much. It was the most wondeful experience that we had ever had and we will always remember it.

The departure was very exciting because we were free. We began to choose a seat in the bus, we put our luggage, and the food too. Three teachers were with us, and one of them called attendance. We were completed, we got on the bus, said goodbye to our parents, and they wanted to cry. On the way, we didn’t sleep and the next day we were very tired because of that.

The first day that we were in Michoacan, we visited the cathedral and the zoo. First, we stopped on the cathedral. There were beautiful pictures and people told us that some parts of the cathedral were of gold. Then we went to the zoo, and there were a lot of animals. I liked the monkeys. At night we we went to “Patzcuaro” because we needed to find a hotel.

The next day we knew “Lago de Patzcuaro”, “Janitzoi”, and “Parque Nacional Uruapan”. We arrived to “Lago de Patzcuaro”, and we traveled by boat to “Janitzio” because is an island. There was a statue and a friend and I went up, and that was horrible. After that we went to the “Parque Nacional” and there was a lot of nature to admire. In the afternoon, my teachers were very tired, and decided to return to the hotel to rest.

The last day, we arrived to one lake and after that we did some things. We saw the big lake that was inmense. We took somo photos in different places, then we ate because we were hungry. We sang some songs, played some games, and we went up to the bus. On the road, we were sleeping because the trip was so tiring.

We arrived to Ojocaliente and our parents were very happy because they missed us. The next day at the school we talked with our teachers about the wonderful experience that we had lived. I hope that one day I will have another trip like the one I had, but with my university’s classmates.