viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


Have you ever felt the emotion when you are going to see to your favorite band alive in a concert. This story is about when I went to “Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico city, for see one of my favorite bands “PXNDX”. Let me tell you it unbelievable experience that I will never forget.

The day was near, it was ten days for the concert, and all the days I asked my father for permission and the money. One day after he was saying the same thing, my father finally said “yes”, and he gave me the money. He told me that it was the gift for my birthday. I was so happy and I immediately called my friend for saying about the news. The next day we bought the ticket and only were for the big concert missing two days.

We couldn’t believe that we would be in the most waited place, so on Saturday November 26th , we never thought that in few hours, we would sing all the song of our favorite band. My friend and I were so excited but when we were on the subway, almost arriving to the “Auditorio Nacional”, the subway was overcrowded and we were so nervous.

When we arrived to the “Auditorio Nacional”, we sat in the chairs, and we were waiting for the band to go out. The lights turned off and all the auditory screamed like crazy people for the band. The orchestra began to play one of my favorite songs. Pepe, the singer appeared in the scene. That moment was so awesome and exciting for me, and all the place was singing each one of the songs. The singer said the surprise of the night, it was that they would record a CD with DVD of all the concert. I was so crazy for the big news and my friend began to cry.

That night was so cool. All the concert was a big experience for me and I was so excited. At the end, we bought some souvenirs from the concert, like a shirt, some posters, a key ring and until a cup. The concert finished like 12 pm and we came back to our house with an unbelievable experience that I will never forget. I will remember this moment as if it had been yesterday.

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