viernes, 6 de junio de 2008

USA vs France

By Fernando Muro Nuñez (NOTE : PROPEDEUTICO "A")
Lets imagine if you have the possibility to choose between USA and France Which would you choose?
Exist a lot of contrasts between United States and France like their Customes, Monuments, Physical Chracteriscs even both are First World Countries.

The first difference is that in France exists a lot of customs because there is a very traditional country, there food is do it with a high quality, thats the reason why is named Gourmett Food.
However in United States exists an extense variety of food exists an extense variety of food because fast food rules in United States because all the people have a very busy life and they do not pay the same interest on the food.

The second difference is that in France the monuments are an essential part of the environment that surround the complete country , because there have had many artists and they are an emblematic of the city like Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Garden, Louvre museum, etc.
However in United States are less number of monuments one of the most important is the freedoom Statue And that monument is a gift from France.

The Last difference is that France is in the European continent and has a short length, the country has a lot of rivers, is overpopulated and shares borders with Spain, Portugal, Brucelas, etc.
Nevertheless United States has an extense length and is rich in sources, like nature there is the most cosmopolitan country in the world because there lived millions of people of different races; and USA shares borders with Mexico and Canada.

To Conclude United States and France have a long list of different chracteristics that make each country special even both have the best level of life.

(Comparative Essay)

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Anónimo dijo...

I think that in those contries have many diversification, for eample the food is so different, the sports are very different and some medicine are uncommon in France such as Viagra Online.
The biggest difference is the language.

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